Kenneth Koffer:

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Before considering therapy, you may have wrestled tirelessly with questions of identity on your own, without firm answers. Feeling trapped and frustrated, you wonder how everyone in your social circle seems to have the self-assuredness that you lack. You seek relief from the truth that something so apparently simple as who you are is actually quite elusive. I am elated that you seek relief here. I do my best work with adult individuals who struggle to find themselves, particularly when they feel that their relationship with one or both parents is holding them back from forming an identity of their own. I recognize and respect that the anxiety, confusion, and low self-esteem arising from these hardships are genuine.

My counseling approach relatedly explores how unmet emotional needs from caregivers during early childhood and adolescence has left you feeling incomplete and undeveloped. Recognizing these connections and how they shape your self-image is an important step in increasing your freedom to forge your own path. While you may feel alone in your suffering, the truth is that strong, healthy individuals require inner conflict. No one who steps foot into my office is without it. Not even me. Our sessions create space to explore and make sense of this inner tension, as a means to give birth to new aspects of yourself that have remained dormant. Consequently, my role is not to remove this conflict, but to embrace it as it drives you towards personal growth. While exploring these inner parts is uncomfortable, we will do our best work together if you feel capable of viewing this discomfort as therapeutic, realizing its importance for making progress in your life. Seeing improvements from our sessions requires both consistency and commitment on your part, but the advantages can be immense. You can redefine yourself and feel confident with the new self-image you have created.

I have been assisting individuals with exploring their lives since 2012, first as a liberal arts instructor at a picturesque northeastern university, and more recently as a mental health counselor. My background offers some unique perspectives for our sessions, and pinpoints aspects of your struggles that might otherwise get overlooked. I am currently accepting new clients, and accept cash, check, and credit cards as payment forms. You can contact me at 407-638-8990 or

Kenneth is under the supervision of Samantha Breslin, LMHC