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Dr. Katrina Stone:
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Stone is a Licensed Psychologist available to help children, teens, and their parents navigate life's challenges. Her training includes a PhD from the University of Florida. Prior to starting Lighthouse Psychology, Dr. Stone practiced in early intervention settings, school settings, hospital settings, private practice, and most recently, a pediatric behavioral health clinic. 


Dr. Stone is well-versed in the difficulties facing many parents, as well as children and teens. She is available to address common childhood concerns such as fears or anxieties, picky-eating, sleep difficulties, and challenging behaviors. For adolescents and young adults, Dr. Stone can provide therapy to assist with difficulties related to anxiety, perfectionism, self-esteem, relationships, emotional regulation, and mood. Finally, she also provides individual therapy for parents and caregivers who are looking to create new patterns for managing difficult emotions and to enhance their own well-being and relationships. 


Dr. Stone prides herself on providing services in a friendly, comfortable, and supportive environment. Services are available in-office, or via telehealth.


To schedule a phone consultation at a date and time convenient for you, visit and click Request Appointment; call 407-964-5210; or email

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