Jason Boglio:
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Greetings!  My name is Jason and it is my honor and privilege to serve you! 


I enjoy working with people who simply would like to have find joy in their lives and discover the love they have for themselves and others.  Mental health has many facets; emotional, physical, chemical.  I am here to help you navigate all those factors and find your joy!


I focus on three areas of therapy: 


  1. Managing mindfulness (stress, anxiety, depression)

  2. Discovering and embracing your identity (including sexual orientation or gender identity)

  3. Exploring your path in life (personal/relationship goals and educational/career goals)


The clients I have worked with in the past have been adults and adolescents, and I am passionate about supporting LGBTQ+ clients.  As a member of the community, I have great understanding and passion about helping transgender and non-heteronormative clients embrace their identities and live with joy, peace, and fulfillment.


In therapy, we will embark on a journey together as we employ several approaches to the goals you bring to your sessions.  We will discover your value system, and how that guides your decisions in life.  We will look at your past, and how that could be impacting your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  We will stay present in the here and now, and explore our thoughts and feelings as they come to you live in session.  I utilize different modalities of therapy including emotionally-focused, psychodynamic, and Gestalt to help you meet your goals. 


I am proud alumni of UCF (Go Knights!), earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Troy University, earning a Master of Science in Psychology and Counseling.  I have previously worked in community mental health in Orlando, FL, and in the public school system in Virginia and Florida as a school counselor. 


I am currently accepting new clients for appointments in person on Friday afternoons and evenings.  Accepted payment is cash, credit, and check, a discounted scale rate is available.  


To schedule an appointment, please call or text 407.900.4206 or email: jbogliocounselor@gmail.com.


I look forward to meeting you!


Jason is under the supervision of Dr. Gregory Meek, LMHC.

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