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Corrine Drive Counseling Center is comprised of individual practitioners who are independent contractors, each responsible for their own practice. CDCC is not a partnership, professional association or other joint entity. Therefore, each practitioner sets his/her/their own fees... for additional information on costs, please contact the particular provider you'd like to work with. 

Standard Notice Under The No Surprises Act

The purpose of this notice is to inform consumers of the No Surprise Act under section 27988B-2(d)of the Public Health Service Act (PHS Act) and how consumers are protected from unexpected medical bills related to out-of-network service providers.  Click here to read the full notice.


Though we have a few counselors who take some insurances, many of us choose not to be on any insurance panels. However, there are benefits to paying out of pocket. First, if you pay out-of-pocket you will retain privacy from insurance companies, as they would otherwise have access to your complete record, including session content. Secondly, insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis to approve payment. These diagnoses become a part of your permanent medical record, should you use insurance. Finally, when you pay out-of-pocket there are no limits to the number of sessions in which you are allowed to participate.

Upon request, any licensed counselor can provide you with an insurance superbill, which you can submit to your insurer for reimbursement using your out-of-network insurance agreement. Your insurance company still requires a mental health diagnosis in this scenario. However, the problems of your session content being released and session numbers being limited are eliminated.

Private Pay

The safest and easiest way to pay for sessions is : out of pocket. Please ask your chosen provider how much they charge for private pay. 

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