Robin Carrillo:
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, 
Director of Community Outreach

I have a passion for helping. Whether you need help in dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, parenting strategies, divorce, eating disorders, sexual identity, or grief, I'm here to assist you in navigating through life's challenges. Maximize your time in therapy with Client-Centered counseling focused on your well being. If you're struggling in any area of your life, there is hope. Life does not have to be full of anxiety, depression, and discord. Therapy is a collaborative process, and we'll work together to uncover what's at the root. There is a new way manage your life.

My specialties include: alleviating symptoms of anxiety, recovery from eating disorders, parenting strategies, helping blended families, the transgender process, and assisting teens navigate the road from childhood to adulthood. I provide relationship counseling to maximize on the couple's strengths. I am also passionate about helping people in both the medical field and our first responders.

I'll meet you exactly where you are, and help you understand yourself. You can live your BEST life. When you fully accept yourself, and your whole story, life is more serene. Making peace with yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Let's work together to make this a reality for you.

If you’d like to contact me, I can be reached by phone or text at 407-342-8613.